Rubber hoses have long since been replaced by PVC. Its flexibility has given it a reputation that cannot be beaten. Along with being non toxic it gained a boom in the construction industry for being less expensive than the plastic pipes. It is also light and contains less petroleum than most other polymer based hoses/pipes.


PVC has now become a large part of not only the construction industry, but also the farming, dairy, agriculture, manufacturing and other food based industries due its non toxic and flexible nature.

This FDA and EU approved hosing solution has been used to transport oil, lyre, fluids and even gasses at low or high pressure. What’s more, is the fact that being made of PVC and multifunctional, they have also helped various industries in cost reduction. Being highly functional in terms of added accessories, there are various couplings, risers, clamps, etc. available in the market to help its assistance.

Benefits of PVC pipes include

  • Eco-friendly

Having a lower range of carbon plastic, they require less energy and even lesser resources in terms of manufacture.

  • Recyclable

It is estimated that about 80,000 tonnes of PVC pipes is recycled every year. Due to its nature, it doesn’t lose its functionality properties no matter how many times recycled.

  • Cost Efficient

Estimated life span of a PVC hose is said to be over 100 years old, which means you do not have to spend your money on replacing your hosing system every decade. Along with its recyclable nature, the PVC pipes become even more cost efficient.

  • Durable

With its 100+ years of life span, these pipes are also highly flexible. Thus, providing durability that remains unparalleled to this day.

  • Wide Range of Functionality

Since they’re non toxic they cannot only be used for construction purposes but also to transport food based products, oil, fats, lyre, etc. Thus making them an all-rounder.


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