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Owing to its remarkable resilience, flexible duct hoses have gained popularity across different industrial applications. The hoses are made of highly flexible materials like Polyutherane (PU) or PVC, and are often combined with steel spiral wire to add more suppleness. These can be seamlessly bent in various angles and therefore, can be designed to fit the needs of diverse industrial applications and production processes.

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Benefits of Using Flexible Ducting Hoses

The best reason why flexible ducting hoses such as polyutherane duct collector or silicone hoses are widely used is their unmatched flexibility. The duct hoses can be easily fitted within any equipment or walls. Most of these hoses are also intelligently designed to withstand high pressure levels. Before you buy, mention the pressure level at which your system operates so that Modi Trading can suggest the best solution.

Applications of Flexible Duct Hoses

Flexible ducting hoses are widely used in the manufacturing industry. It is used as car exhaust extraction hose to maintain optimal levels of CO2. In welding, the ducting is used in fume extraction systems. High-quality, crush-resistant polyutherane dust collector is majorly used in woodworking machinery, automotive and other applications. The food and pharmaceutical industry is also using flexible ducting like silicone braided hose to facilitate pressurized fluid transfer or transporting ingredients from one production line to another.

Types of Flexible Duct Hoses

Modi Trading is one of the top suppliers of high-quality and a variety of flexible duct hoses in India and globally.

  • Santroprene hoses: Highly flexible, abrasion-proof and compressible with excellent heat resistance.
  • Silicone hoses: Premium-grade silicone braided hoses used widely in food, pharmaceutical, chemical and heavy machinery industries.
  • Exhaust hoses: PVC-coated polyester hoses used for welding fumes or dust collection.
  • Neoprene hoses: Super-light and flexible, these hoses are chemical resistant and commonly used in commercial applications.
  • Polyutherane dust collector: Features superior tensile strength and resistance to hydrolysis, microbes, chemicals and minerals.
  • CP Hitex 485: Multi-layer, insulating and heat-resistant blast and suction hose for diverse industrial applications.
  • Super flexible hoses: High-suction, abrasion-proof hoses that are suitable for high flow-rates up to 120-degree Celsius.
  • SAE 100 R1 A: Medium-pressure hydraulic hoses with capability to operate up to 100-degree Celsius temperature.

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