#1 Manufacturer and Supplier of High-Performance Hoses in India

As a trusted premium-grade hose manufacturer in India, Modi Trading offers a wide variety of hoses which are intelligently engineered for excellent performance and durability across diverse applications. These are built with utmost precision to withstand high temperature and pressure fluctuations, while being resistant to different types of chemicals, acids, aqueous solution, alkalis, minerals and other substances.

Available in an array of sizes, styles and colours, the hoses manufactured and supplied by us are suitable for use in transferring petroleum, gas, chemicals, paint, acids and other particles. Here is a quick view of hoses we specialise in:

  • C. Hose: High-quality A.C hoses have perforated synthetic outer cover and are resistant to methane and other alkenes.
  • Rubber Oil Suction Hose: Made of premium-quality rubber with copper wiring, most suitable for oil suction in petroleum and industrial applications.
  • Food and Brewery Hose: Manufactured using food-grade, hygienic synthetic rubber that is free of taste, odour and toxic effects.
  • Industrial Rubber Hose: We supply premium-grade industrial rubber hoses that are oil and abrasion resistant, and are suitable for a wide range of industrial applications.
  • Hydraulic Rubber Hose: Synthetic rubber reinforced, braided hoses designed to efficiently supply hydraulic fluids.
  • Carbon Free Coolant Hose: Manufactured using excellent quality black and white non-conductive synthetic rubber that is heat resistant, carbon free, and ensures optimum strength.
  • Rock Drill Hose: Available in varied specifications and dimensions, and used in rigorous applications.
  • Chemical Hose: Smooth rubber finish makes the hoses resistant to most types of chemicals.
  • Rubber Cement Hose: Made using high-quality rubber and synthetic fibre for superior performance.
  • Car Washing Hose: Available in a wide range of length, size and thickness for delivery of water.
  • Fuel Dispensing Hose: Made from excellent quality rubber and steel wire that can temperature high temperature and pressure.
  • Jack and Rig Hose: Used in hydraulic jacking systems and hot air applications.
  • Concrete Pump Hose: Steel-reinforced concrete pump hoses capable of working in high pressure levels.
  • Silicon Turbo Hose: High-temperature silicone braided hose for exhaust and engine applications.

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