Indo Macksson has built its empire by the selling of its signature hoses. Trusted all over India, it has been crowned one of the best hose industry. Trusted by Indians throughout the country, we couldn’t step down from the opportunity of being their distributor.

We provide you with every single hose that Indo Macksson has to offer, like:


The most widely and commonly used hose type. These come in pressures ranging from high to low and each of them are champion in transporting varied industrial fluids in different temperatures. To learn more about Hydraulic Hoses, their types and how to find the right one, read our blog dedicated to the same.


When it comes to carrying industrial level fluids, water range hoses are your best friend and ideal for all your watering needs. With Indo Macksson’s expertise in the hose business, you know you are bound to receive sturdy, flexible high quality hoses which also cone custom made.


When you’re looking for the transportation of industrial fluids, you also look for a hose well suited to not only carry water based fluids but also those that are capable of oil suction, slurry suction, air conveyance, mining transport and steel based transport. Indo Macksson provides you their Oil Range hoses that are made of the utmost quality of rubber and accessible to all your industrial needs.


Whether you need to transfer abrasive media like concrete, gravels, sand, dry cement or even hot asphalt and tar, Indo Macksson offers its high quality hoses for the material handling industry. To never compromise is the motto and we deliver it.


For industries including construction and manufacturing, they need a well pressured hose to transport their pneumatic medium. Air Range hoses work well between the temperature range of 40°C and 100°C. With our promised quality, these thermoplastic hoses are flexible as well as durable so you don’t have to worry the second time after their installation.


To cater to the industrial needs of chemical transportation, under pressure, suction and gravity flow, our chemical range hoses are highly flexible, durable, heat resistant and have different temperature functionality.


In order to transport the industrial steam from one place to another, you need your steam range to be of the highest rubber quality. Made of Ethylene Propylene Diene Terpolymer (EPDM), these are highly resistant to chemical, steam, water, high pressure and temperature as well.


Our Carbon Free Range hoses are made of high tenacity synthetic yarn to give you the engineered application for steel industry and other non conductive applications. They meet the requirement of intensely low leakage current so you don’t have to shackle your brains with worry.

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