What is it?

hydraulic hose conveys the hydraulic fluid to its tools, actuators, components and valves. It is a flexible and reinforced construction inclusive of several layers of reinforcement. This is a given necessity since the hydraulic system tend to operate at high/very high pressure.

What are the types of Hydraulic Hoses?

There are 5 types of hoses namely,

  SAE 100 R1 AT

If you are looking for a hose for your generic industrial applications, then this SAE type Hydraulic Hose is just the right match for you. Its pressure is conveniently apt for pushing through water based fluid and petrol. Its high-pressure hose works between the temperature of 40°C and 100°C.


In order to operate within an industrial and mining setting, a hydraulic hose that can carry mineral, hydraulic and even water based oils, a flexible yet sturdy high pressure hydraulic hose is just the right match. Bot only is it used for mining and industries, but also construction as well as agriculture make use of it.


Return Lines, Air lines, Lube lines and Anti Static Delivery lines can not be employed by a hose that runs on high pressure at a high temperature. Since these hoses are made for light application, their flexible and textile braided nature is not suitable for braking and other safety related applications.


Under the working of mining industries, oil fields and even heavy duty applications, this hose transfers fluid under extreme conditions. If you need a single or double wire braided hose for transporting fluids under extreme temperatures, vacuum and air pressure, then this extremely durable hose is a fit.

SAE 100 R1 AT

SAE 100 R2 A

Steam Hose

SAE 100 R1 A