• Suction and blast hose, especially suitable:
  • For powdery solids such as dust, powder and fibres
  • For gaseous media such as vapors and smoke
  • For steam extraction
  • As conductor of hot and cold air
  • For blowers and compressors
Santroprene Hoses


  • very good heat resistance
  • super-light model
  • highly flexible and compressible
  • abrasion-proof
  • good resistance to mineral oils and gasoline
  • good resistance to alkalis and acids

PROTAPE® tape hose (see chapt. 0.2):

  • Spring steel wire integrated in wall
  • Extruded tape
  • Wall thickness 0.4 mm approx.

Temperature Range:

  • -40 °C approx. to +125 °C approx.
  • short time to +150 °C approx.
  • Good resistance to chemicals (refer to section 14.1)
  • small bending radius
  • kink-proof
  • free of softener and halogen
  • gas and liquid tight
  • light weight
  • capable of electro-static discharge (according to BGR 132, formerly ZH 1/200) by grounding the spiral


  • wall: thermoplastic rubber (TPE)
  • spiral: spring steel wire