Aidmer 78-040 Teflon PTFE Hose


Aidmer78-042 OD: 0.5mm ~ 25mm piping the dispersion polymerization Teflon resin paste made of paste extrusion processing.

Aidmer78-041 OD: 4mm ~ 25mm SS Braided Hose made Braided SS wire braid PTFE piping.


PTFE has the best corrosion resistance, chemical and dielectric properties, non-aging, non-stick, in the absence of load in the -180 ¡ã C – +260 ¡ã C temperature use, have the lowest coefficient of friction. Widely used in the hot melt adhesive machine, coating machine, hot melt coating machine, brake pipes, mold temperature machine, high temperature steam, shoes machine, electrical insulation, instrumentation, medical, etc.

(Available with or Without Fitting)