Premium-Grade Rubber Oil Suction Hose

With over four decades of industry experience, Modi Trading has gained immense recognition manufacturing, supplying and exporting supreme-quality rubber oil suction hose. The hoses feature a smooth lining of premium-grade rubber that is 100% resistant to petroleum products. These are further reinforced with copper wire and synthetic compound that is resistant to abrasion, petroleum products, harsh weather, and wear & tear.

Material: Rubber

Thickness: 1.5-6.50 mm

Working Pressure: 10 Bar to 20 Bar

Layers: 2 to 8 layers

Temperature: 100 degree Celsius

Pattern: Top plain and corrugated

Rubber Oil Suction Hose

Applications of Rubber Oil Suction Hose

Our high-performance, resilient and long-lasting rubber oil suction hose is most suitable to efficiently handle products like diesel, petrol, industrial fuel, kerosene, etc. From suctioning or dispensing oil to storage tanks in petrol pumps to rail tankers, the applications are wide and diverse.

Key Features of Rubber Oil Suction Hose

  • Quality product: The rubber oil suction hose are made of best-quality rubber that is capable of withstanding low to high temperature levels. Anti-static copper wiring adds further strength and ruggedness to the hose, making it last longer against daily wear and tear.
  • Durable: Since the hoses are manufactured using highest-grade raw materials and leading-edge technology, these are extremely durable and can withstand high temperature, harsh weather, abrasion and wear & tear.
  • Reinforced for Superior Performance: For unmatched performance and durability, we use plies of rubber-impregnated woven textile with G.I. wire.
  • Electrical Bonding: The copper wiring is embedded between the textile reinforcement piles to facilitate electrical continuity all through the hose
  • Customised: The rubber oil suction hose can be made to order, depending on your unique oil suction and dispensing needs.

Modi Trading is globally reckoned for manufacturing and exporting high-quality rubber oil suction hose. Get in touch with us for bulk ordering and best prices.