Polyutherane Dust Collector – The Most Flexible Solution for Industrial Dust Collection

Dust ducting is an integral element in maintaining high levels of workplace efficiency and safety. The dust accumulated through activities like agriculture or woodworking can pose serious health hazards and also impact the quality of material being produced. Dust build-up can clog the machinery and result into malfunctioning. Having a reliable and high-performance dust collection hose can be of extreme help here.


At Modi Trading, we manufacture and supply premium-quality polyutherane dust collector for fast and efficient dust ducting, reducing your time and cost of cleaning up.

Material: High-quality Polyutherane

Temperature: Variable (-35 °C to +80 °C)

Reinforcement: Spring steel

Colour: Transparent

Sizes: Variable – 2.5”, 4”, 5”, and 6” diameters

Applications of Polyutherane Dust Collector

Our flexible and flame-retardant PU dust collection hoses are widely used in industrial workshops where wood chips, aluminium shavings or other flammable materials are present. Vacuuming out dust from air-conditioner indoor ventilation duct is another application of our polyutherane dust collector. It is also used in agricultural applications like fertiliser broadcasting. Less commonly-used applications are for thermoplastic rubber and neoprene dust collection.

Key Features of Our Polyutherane Dust Collector

Discussed here are the key features of high-quality polyutherane dust collector we manufacture:

  • Excellent Material: Our range of dust collectors is made from premium-grade polyutherane material that is anti-kink, puncture-resistant and flame-retardant. These can easily withstand high temperature/pressure changes, harsh chemicals, oil and fuel.
  • Ultra Flexible: PU hoses are highly resilient than PVC materials and aid in easy maneuverability without restricting airflow even in a tight radius.
  • Superior Built: Two-plied construction with steel spring or TEFLON double-layer reinforcement improves abrasion resistance and delivers long-lasting performance.
  • Smooth Airflow: Delivers efficiently-optimised airflow to easily move wood chips, sawdust and debris from anything.
  • Transparent: These hoses are intelligently built to be transparent. This makes it easy to find any blockage (if occurs) and fix it.


To order polyutherane dust collector or for trade enquiries, get in touch with us.