Our premium product Hydraulic Rubber Hoses are specifically designed for supplying hydraulic fluid’s to hydraulic components, valves, actuators etc. They are oil resistant and synthetic rubber reinforced with one/two ply braided high tensile steel wire covered with oil, weather and abrasion resistant synthetic rubber. We offer to our customers customizing facilities in various dimensions, performance specifications, construction options etc. , IR2, IR3, IR4, IR5, IR6, upto IR7 available.

Hydraulic Rubber Hoses

Types of Hoses:

  • SAE-100R1 Type AT-Single wire Braided
  • SAE-100R2 Type AT-Double wire Braided
  • SAE-100R3 Double Rayon Braided
  • SAE-100R6 Single Rayon Braided
  • SAE-100R5 Single wire Braided hose with abrasion resistant polyester braid cover
  • SAE-100R8 Three wire braided hose
  • Steam Hose 71 – Single wire braided steam hose
  • Steam Hose 72 – Double wire braided steam hose
  • Super Jack hose
  • Low Pressure Hose
  • LPG Hose
  • Rock Drill Hose ( Wire Braided)
  • Chemical Suction and Delivery Hose