Suction and blast hose, especially suitable:

  • for solids such as dust, powder and fibres
  • for gaseous media such as vapors and smoke
  • for de-dusting and suction plants, flue gas extraction, blast furnace exhaust and welding gas exhaust
  • for exhaust gas technique, engine construction, engine warming, aircraft construction and military construction
  • as bellows and compensator


  • multi-layer
  • insulating
  • suitable for light overpressure
  • very good heat resistance
  • highly flexible and compressible
  • firm clamping of the wall in clamp profile
  • small bending radius
  • kink-proof
  • very robust


  • wall: interior and exterior special coated glass fabric
  • clamp profile: galvanized steel

Temperature Range:

  • -60 °C approx. to +500 °C approx.
  • short time to +550 °C approx.